One profession, a thousand career options.

The career as a commercial pilot is one of those highly regarded roles we have almost all dreamed of having at some point or another. There’s simply nothing else as satisfying as the feeling of flying an aeroplane.

If you’re looking to work as a commercial pilot, you will find interesting information in this article about the different professional roles this fascinating profession has to offer.

But not everyone is cut out to work as a pilot for an airline, and that’s absolutely fine. A commercial pilot’s course can open many doors to different jobs. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer for commercial pilots in the portals available for employment.

Jobs as a commercial pilot

One of the main advantages of obtaining a pilot’s license is you can choose where to develop your career.

All the various professional options this qualification brings along, require a great knowledge of the theory, as well as the experience you can accumulate with flying hours. Whatever your decision, don’t ever give up enjoying the pleasure of being in charge of controlling an aeroplane.

Following, we go over 10 jobs you can access through your pilot’s license.

Airline pilot

The transportation of passengers and air cargo is one of the most frequently chosen careers for the vast majority of aspiring pilots around the world. It allows you to get to know the planet and enjoy traveling whilst you’re working.

Private jet pilot work

Large companies and a great number of famous people have their own private jets and small private aeroplanes they use for their journeys.

Charter flight pilots

These flights are more and more frequent and many famous people choose to hire their own aeroplane from airlines to adapt the trip and its schedule to their own needs. Also, during high season, traditional charter flights increase considerably for tourism.

Air cargo pilots

Commercial pilots can also apply for jobs as goods carriers for mail and transport firms.

Media and patrol pilots

Air surveillance, police patrolling or road traffic control are some of the career options available for these air patrol pilots.

You can work for private companies or public entities such as the state security corps, the National Police, the traffic, coastal or rescue Police, etc.

Agricultural pilots

Another way of using your commercial pilot’s license to fly an aircraft, is to spray chemicals over crops and agriculture fields for plague control, amongst other applications.

Military pilots

The military in aviation can be a fantastic experience if you like a thrill and are able to pass the access tests. A military pilot is not only trained for combat but also flies the very latest military aeroplanes.

Pilots for air tourism

Commercial pilots can also apply for jobs as goods carriers for mail and transport firms.

Test pilots

Every new aeroplane model out in the market, whether it belongs to an airline or the army (in the case of military aircraft) needs to have a number of tests prior to becoming operative.

Test pilots carry out experimental flights and share this information with flight and team engineers in order to improve these aeroplanes’ performance until they are launched into the market.

Emergency service pilots

Sometimes commercial pilots are needed for rescue activities (SAR), for fire fighting (LCI) or medical flights (EMS).

These types of jobs require specific training as well as specialisation.

Flight instructor work

Continue learning whilst teaching.

The work of flying instructors is fascinating for aircraft lovers. It mixes pilots’ skills with the capacity to teach others how to fly.

The steps you need to take to train as an instructor are very simple. Firstly, you have to obtain the Restricted Flight Instructor license, a qualification that will allow you to fly with students during their training in a single engine basic whilst being supervised by a non restricted instructor.

Once your 100 instruction hours are completed and you have supervised 25 students who are already flying solo, the restriction of being supervised by another instructor is lifted. This gives you access to the FI (A) or Flight Instructor license with which you can work as a flight instructor without any restrictions.

Going through flight instruction can help you become a highly qualified professional pilot. You could always change your training ability for unique experiences by flying the aeroplanes you like.

Where to find job vacancies for commercial pilots?

Airlines publish their own job offers whenever there are vacancies available for commercial pilots. But if what you’re looking for is a particular position, there are some specific portals for these posts:


This web is entirely dedicated to the aeronautical industry and offers a great variety of news, updates and open positions for commercial pilots in the different airlines for all the Spanish airports.


This is one of the biggest employment portals in Spain. We suggest you take a look if you want to find any of the jobs mentioned above; you could even find flight instructor work through this site.


Social network sites are changing our job search habits. Proof of it is LinkedIn, the social network par excellence. At the time we took a look at job offers to tell you about in this article, there were 13 vacancies for aeroplane pilots.

What’s behind…?

Commercial pilots needed

The job of a commercial pilot goes beyond covering vacancies for airline companies. It is true that flying a passenger aeroplane may be attractive to many people.

However, there are a variety of positions in the job market, such as the ones we have seen in today’s article.

Would you like to become the next applicant to get the job behind that ”commercial pilots needed” ad?

A pilot’s profession is non-stop; it is believed that in a few years time, space pilots will start to be in demand. Professionals trained to fly commercial flights to space with civilian passengers on board. Isn’t it exciting?

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