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Flight Training in Europe

If your looking for a flight training in Europe Grupo One Air is the right Choice, Here we explain why:

Many options if you are looking for a European flight training, but If you want to take a pilot course,  with the best Aircrafts and weather to fly in Spain,  with One Air Aviation (located in the Costa del Sol – Málaga) you will be able to be in charge of a state-of-the-art technological equipment.

Most modern aircraft in Europe

Piloting our modern Diamond aircraft fleet and which are the main basis which you will find when taking a commercial pilot course or ppl course in Spain.

Advanced Flight Simulator

Our Alsim AXL flight simulator is the first advanced flight simulator in Spain,  because we want to offer the best and be the best training center for pilots in Europe.



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Flight Schools in Europe

Think about it, which flight schools in Europe can offer you this, or how many flight schools in Spain? The Costa del Sol enjoys a pleasant climate, with an average temperature of 19°C and more than 300 days of sunshine.

Latest Technologies

Inside the training you will find that our digital classrooms have the latest technologies, we also offer online training and fly international airports like Malaga to have a Real flight training. But why is so important?

Flights from International Airports

This is essential , having experience with flights from International Airports, which is also highly valued by Airlines to get a job in the future, as you get a real experience in what will be your future job as a commercial airline pilot.

European commercial Pilot License with One Air Group

Get the European commercial Pilot License with One Air will let you fly a Diamond aircraft, one of the best aircraft in the world flown by the US Air Force.  With us, you will be able to get a European Private Pilot License (PPL) (A), which is the first step to become a commercial aviation pilot

Virtual course and training from anywhere in Europe

Taking a commercial pilot course requires great preparation, training and also that extra value offered by One Air aviation.. Also and even the chance of taking your virtual course and training from every single place in Europe or in the world.

Why to choose our Flight School in Europe

Fly in International Airports, acquiring real experience

The Best Diamond Aircrafts Fleet for your Pilot Course

The best weather conditions to fly at Costa del Sol - Málaga

ALX & AL42, the most advanced ALSIM simulators in Spain

One Air Group is Certified by AESA and EASA (ATO 190)

Also online training available from anywhere

Also offers you the chance of taking a customized way of payment


Is this within the flight schools in Europe authorized by Aesa and certified by the European agency EASA. Offers several professional courses, among them the with the best guarantees, in an accessible way and without previous knowledge or aeronautical experience. We also offers you highly qualified teachers and staff.


Choosing One Air as a European Aviation School with the maximum benefits for your training is a priority for us, basically because we want to be the best school and we know that the only way is to offer the best at the best price.


It is estimated that half a million pilots will be needed in the years to come.


Looking for a European flight academy to make a commercial pilot course in Spain means a huge personal, technical and economic requirement. But it will certainly open doors to an experience and an unparalleled job opportunity.

Taking the commercial aircraft pilot courses in Málaga is, according to the different estimations of the sector and to the data, betting for a high degree of employability. In June 2016, commercial aviation marked a new challenge with 3,000,000 flights for the first time. It is estimated that half a million pilots will be needed in the years to come.

For the first time in history, the figure of 3,000,000 flights in commercial aviation has been exceeded

The good prospects in the field of commercial aviation, as well as the positive forecasts of recent reports from both Boeing and Airbus, are being accomplished. For the first time in history, the figure of 3,000,000 flights in commercial aviation has been exceeded. These are relevant data which highlight both the need for a greater number of pilots in the coming decades and a good perspective for a future job when taking an aircraft pilot course.

Choose the right training center that love flying as you love flying, the best for your future from Grupo OneAir, your European flight school in the Costa del Sol, Málaga.


The commercial aviation sector flies higher and higher. And, by saying this we do not refer to the long distances and increasingly longer journeys which are made within the sector. In fact, nowadays there are more and more non-stop flights made, in spite of travelling thousands of kilometers. We mean it according to the great number of passengers and flights made. This is a figure which shows the good health of the sector in this regard.

In One Air we are perfectly suitable for training aircraft pilots. People looking for pilot schools in europe that offer the maximum guarantees for their futures.

Increasingly, more and more people fly and new routes are opened by different airlines even to what could be considered more remote places. And, for the first time, such number of flights has been exceeded. This is a datum which adds value to the forecasts which assure that more than half a million commercial pilots will be needed in the next two decades according to the major aircraft construction companies. We also have to take into account that, according to the Global Aviation Observatory (made up by researchers from the German aerospace centre, DLR), the data and figures obtained in June 2016 are 3.5% higher than those from June 2015.

The 5% increase in Asia, being one of the areas where more pilots are needed and will be needed in the coming years

Studying the commercial aircraft pilot courses in Málaga and working in this area of ​​the planet is one of the most feasible possibilities for new pilots.

According to the regions in our planet, it is again North America, with a 30% of the world air traffic, the area which has made more flights in June, with 880,000 journeys. It is followed by Asia with 750,000 flights hogging 27% of the air traffic. It is important to highlight the 5% increase in Asia, being one of the areas where more pilots are needed and will be needed in the coming years.

By airlines, and always according to this Observatory, the world’s largest one is American Airlines, followed by Delta Airlines and United Airlines, both from the U.S.A. Of course, the low cost airlines are gaining ground worldwide, as Southwest and Ryanair are located in fourth and fifth place respectively. The latter has increased by 10% its flights and has made 59,000 ones in June.




Future graduates after finishing an aviation course must take into account the increasing opening of new commercial flights

Future graduates after finishing an aircraft pilot course must take into account the increasing opening of new commercial flights between these two countries after 50 years without having air contact.

Sometimes, the economic and geopolitical relations of the different countries even mark the times and the routes in commercial aviation. Two countries entering into conflict can decrease or even cancel commercial flights between them.

We have a clear example in the relationship between the US and Cuba. The rapprochement between these two American countries has led to a considerable increase in flights between the two regions. If so, the recent graduates after finishing an aircraft pilot course in Spain should take this route as one of the most powerful in the coming decades. In fact, eight airlines can already carry out a total of 20 daily flights from the US to Havana, Cuba’s capital.

8 airlines will carry out a total of 20 daily flights from the us to LA HABANA

These non-stop flights, which take at least a couple of hours, will be carried out this fall, according to official sources at the US Department of Transportation. Although relations between the US and Cuba are far from being friendly, the cordiality between their leaders has opened a historic chapter between both of them.

This has obviously been transferred to commercial aviation. When taking an aircraft pilot course you must undoubtedly take these routes into account for future flights. It will be possible to fly non-stop flights from the US to Havana from ten American cities such as: Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami and Tampa (Florida), Atlanta (Georgia), Charlotte (North Carolina), Houston Angeles (California), New York and Newark (New Jersey).


The Airlines which are going to carry out these historic flights after decades of rivalry between both nations are: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways and United Airlines. It has been pointed out from the previously mentioned department that “we have tried to select those regions with a prominent Cuban-American population, as well as important points of air connection “. This is another relevant fact that shows the importance and the existing need in the implementation of these flights.

american airlines aircraft

Since the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries in the summer of 2015, U.S. visits to Cuba have increased by 77%. In February 2016, U.S. and Cuban leaders officially agreed to re-establish flights between the two countries for the first time in half a century. Anthony Foxx, US Transportation Secretary highlighted that “restoring a regular air service is a tremendous potential for bringing together Cuban-American families and driving education and opportunities for businesses of all sizes“.

Which ones are the main advantages of taking a commercial pilot course?


Few careers are so well paid as this one. It is also one of the most valued careers at the moment, besides those ones belonging to the medical branch. In fact, a recent aviation research carried out by Boeing shows that there will be 1,167,000 jobs (pilots and technicians) available.


The fact of waking up in one place, taking off and getting to another place to finally travel to another touristic place means a unique experience. Every single day you will be able to stare at unimaginable landscapes and beautiful sunsets.


When you are an airline commercial aviation pilot, you get great discounts and offers available, both for airline tickets and hotels for you and the members of your family.

Flying generates a unique feeling in those ones who feel it and wish to try it. It is one of those professions that are carried in the blood, which is defended by vocation and that requires an effort to know how to spend hours of work when you are being trained, but then being highly rewarded when finally finding a job.

Taking a commercial pilot course has become a dream for many young people, men and women who consider aviation as a universe of feelings, a good chance to earn a life living incomparable experiences.