• The Museum of Aeronautics receives an A320 engine

    Rolls-Royce’s Trent 900 has arrived in Malaga

The Museum of Airports and Air Transport of the Airport of Malaga – Costa del Sol, already holds as an exhibit the biggest passenger aircraft engine in the world, the Airbus A380.

The engine is a Rolls-Royce Trent 900, made in Derby (England), has just arrived after four years of negotiations between the museum and Rolls-Royce. Alvaro Rojas participation, as well as that from the Asociación de Amigos del Museo, were decisive factors.

Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine

This engine, Rolls-Royce Trent 900, flew for the last time on 3rd July 2017 after 529 flights, 1,796 functioning hours and 724 starts. It retired after having been used for obtaining all its necessary certifications to equip it with the most updated engine of its time.

Finally, the engine left the Toulouse factory and hit the road on 7th April. Three days later it reached Malaga for the delight of those with a passion for aviation.

In order to exhibit it, it was necessary to refurbish room 3 of the museum, to the extent of drilling the ceiling to accommodate a crane to allow its introduction through the ceiling.

This huge engine is 4,5 metres long and has a diameter of 2,9 metres; it can generate a thrust force of between 300 and 400 kilonewtons.

Image: Victor G. Rubio

Image: Victor G. Rubio

Image: Victor G. Rubio

Did you know…?

Curious facts that will leave you stunned

✓ The Trent 900 generates more than 63,000 horse power, which would be equivalent to 3 Formula One whole grills.

✓ It produces 374,000 pulling Newtons, approximately 5 times more power than a DC-9 engine (71,000Newtons).

✓ Its diameter is almost as large as the fuselage of a DC-9 (the DC-9 is one of the airplanes you can visit at the Museum of Aeronautics of Malaga).

✓ The engine’s fan has 24 blades, each one supporting the power equivalent to the weight of 9 buses.

✓ Its interior reaches a third of the temperature of the sun’s surface (1,832ºC).

✓ The cost of the engine is almost 40 million euros with warranty.

  • Image: Museum of Aeronautics of Malaga

Museum of Aeronautics of Malaga

With more than 30 museums of varying themes, Malaga city has many cultural options.

Amongst them, the Museum of Airports and Air transport of the airport of Malaga, Costa del Sol is located 2 minutes from the airport and is a fascinating visit for any aviation fan.

The exhibition, with more than 5000 square meters, is made up of different rooms which are dedicated to aerial simulations, general aviation or the historic terminal of 1948. It also boasts seven real aircraft; it is possible whilst visiting, to actually board the DC-3, DC-9 and Convair 440. In fact, it is the only museum in Spain and probably in Europe, which allows visitors to go into the cabin and even sit at the controls in the cockpit.

Presently, you can enjoy the exhibit “Aeronáuticas: Mujeres tras las máquinas” where women are given visibility in the aeronautical sector, be it as engineers, inventors and scientists, or women air pilots or helicopter pilots that marked history.

Lastly, the Museum of Aeronautics of Malaga boasts various vantage points from which to enjoy the fantastic views of the executive aviation platform of the airport.

All of this is possible thanks to the work carried out by the Amigos del Museo organisation, volunteers that ensure everything works perfectly. They are, ultimately, the soul of the museum and with their dedication and effort, they have succeeded in making this museum in Malaga one of the most important aeronautical museums in our country.

You can keep up to date on news and find out more about its projects by visiting their web page: www.aeromuseo.org