Malaga Airport Departures:
A Useful Guide for Travellers

Do you have to travel by plane from Malaga? Do you want to know how many airlines operate at Malaga Airport Departures? Or where to get your boarding pass? Or even where the boarding gates are located?

Do not miss any detail of this small guide for flights departing from Malaga Airport, which will help you start your trip without any mishap.

Malaga Airport Departures:
Destinations from A to Z

Malaga Airport Departures offers passengers direct flights throughout the year to a total of 109 destinations across 4 continents.

These are the cities where you can travel directly from this fantastic airport:

A: A Coruña, Alborg, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Asturias.

B: Barcelona, Basel-Mulhouse, Bergen, Belfast, Berlin, Billund, Bilbao, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bologna, Bremen, Bristol, Bucharest, Brussels, Budapest and Bordeaux.

C: Cardiff, Casablanca, Ceuta, Cluj, Colonie, Cork and Copenhagen.

D: Doncaster, Dublin and Dusseldorf.

E: Eindhoven, Edinburgh and Exeter.

F: Frankfurt and Fuerteventura.

G: Geneva, Glasgow, Gothenburg and Gran Canaria.

H: Hamburg and Helsinki.

I: Ibiza and Istambul.

J: Jersey.

K: Karlsruhe and Krakow.

L: Lanzarote, Leeds, Leon, Liege, Liverpool, Lisbon, London, Luxembourg and Lyon.

M: Madrid, Manchester, Marrakech, Marseille, Memmingen, Melilla, Milan, Moscow, Montreal and Munich.

N: Nantes, Naples, Newcastle, Nice and Nottingham.

O: Ostend and Oslo.

P: Palma de Mallorca, Paris, Porto and Prague.

R: Riga, Rome and Rotterdam.

S: Santiago de Compostela, Santander, Shannon, Sofia, Southend, Stockholm, Stavanger and Stuttgart.

T: Tallinn, Tenerife and Toulouse.

V: Valencia, Venice and Vienna.

W: Warsaw.

Z: Zurich.

Print Boarding Pass at
Malaga Airport Departures

To obtain your boarding pass on your flight departing from Malaga Airport, you have 4 different ways to do so:

Check-In Desks

They’re located on Floor 1, Departures. However, we advise you to check the desk assigned to your flight on the information screens that you will find throughout the airport.

Self-Check-In Machines

If you fly with Iberia or Norwegian, you can check-in and print your boarding pass without queuing. These two airlines have self-check-in machines at Malaga Airport, right next to the check-in desks 300.

Online Check-In

An easier way to check-in and get your boarding pass. When you arrive at Malaga airport Departures, and if you only have hand luggage, you can go directly to the security filters. But don’t forget to take your electronic ticket and boarding pass with you.

Mobile Online Check-In

Much more convenient than the previous option, this mode allows you to check-in and obtain your boarding pass directly on your smartphone. When you arrive at the security checkpoint at Malaga Airport, located in T3, you will only have to show the data previously sent to you by the company. An airport worker will pass the reader over your screen, and that’s it; you will be able to get on the plane without having to carry any paper.

How to pass the security controls
at Departures from Malaga Airport

Before you sit in your seat on the plane, you know you must go through the security check and the metal detector arch. You will be asked for your boarding pass and must deposit your belongings on the conveyor belt which will pass them through an X-Ray system.

To avoid queues that are often too heavy, the airport of Malaga – Costa del Sol, has a Fast Lane. To use it, you must first pay for the access; although if you are a preferential client of your airline, that is the place where you will pass the security control.

Security arcs for passengers control at Malaga Airport departures.

Depending on your flight destination, you may or may not have to go through passport control. In general, all passengers travelling to countries outside the Schengen area must pass through this additional control.

We advise you to check this with your airline to avoid unpleasant surprises that may leave you on the ground. In particular, for cases where you need a visa, a vaccination certificate or your passport valid for up to 6 months after arrival at your destination.

Where are the boarding gates
at Malaga Airport?

Once you have passed the security checkpoint, which is located in the departure hall, you must go to the boarding gate for your flight. To find out which is your boarding gate, we recommend that you check the screens at the airport.

This is the location of the airport gates:

  • Floor 0: gates B01 to B04 and D70 to D78
  • Mezzanine: gates B05 to B08
  • Floor 1: gates B14 to B27, C30 to C40 and D42 to D68

Don’t let yourself get bored while waiting for the time to get on your plane. The airport of Malaga – Costa del Sol offers you a wide range of fashion shops, accessories and duty-free shops where you can find exciting offers.

And if you don’t feel like shopping, you can always enjoy a delicious aperitif in any of the cafes and restaurants that you will find at your disposal.

Useful tips to make your trip perfect

Are you travelling with children? Are you taking your pet with you? Are you pregnant? Do you know your rights as a passenger?

Whether you are flying or not, departing from Malaga Airport, here is the answer with this small guide of practical advice that we have prepared for you.

Your journey begins
when you are packing

In departures from Malaga Airport or from anywhere, you must know what you cannot carry, both in your cabin baggage and in the bags you want to check-in before boarding.

You should also be aware of the weight limits of your luggage, as well as the number of items your airline allows you to carry.

If you are taking medication, you must bring with you the doses you will need throughout your trip, both for the return trip and for the time you will be at your destination. You must also include the medical prescription for these medicines.

Passport over a hand luggage.

Hand Luggage

  1. Always carry all your valuables with you, such as jewellery, money and any electronic device.
  2. Include some clothing and personal toiletries. This way, if you lose your checked bags, you will avoid the inconvenience of that unpleasant situation.
  3. If your travel destination is a high-risk country, check the obligation to get vaccinated to prevent possible infections. You can find all the necessary information on the website of the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare.
  4. The European Union’s security regulations establish the limits for transporting liquids. You know that any liquid, cream, aerosol or even toothpaste is considered a liquid.
    If you want to take a toilet bag with you in your hand luggage, you must put all the liquids in containers of 100 ml maximum; and they must be in a bag with an opening and closing system, and capacity not exceeding 1 litre.

Travelling with your pet

Are you going to travel with your pet? Pets are part of your checked-in baggage, and you must pay a fee for them which is separate from the payment for the rest of your luggage.

As a general rule, pets travel in the hold of the plane, duly conditioned in kennels that have been prepared for them. Some airlines allow your small companion to go in the cabin of the plane; we recommend that you find out about the conditions of your airline.

The documentation you should
always carry with you

In departures from malaga airport or from anywhere in the world, we advise you to make photocopies of all your identity documents, both your ID card and your passport.

It is also advisable to carry photocopies of your medical prescriptions with you, in case you need to take medication, as well as the tickets for the trip.

It is good that you carry all these duplicates in your hand luggage, in a different bag from where you will carry the original documents.

In the following table, we show you the documentation you should take with you, depending on your destination. Remember to show the documents to the staff at the check-in counters and at the boarding gate in your Malaga Airport departures.

Table with the different documentation that passengers must carry, depending on their nationality and destination.

Useful info for flights departing from Malaga Airport

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