Malaga Airport, the gateway to the Costa del Sol

With a traffic of more than 18 million passengers per year, Malaga Airport is the fourth most frequented airport in Spain. And the great offer of flights and destinations that you can find, make it worthy of this fourth place in Spain and twenty-second in the European Union.

Located in the south-east of Spain, 8 kilometres from the Andalusian city of Malaga, the airport is in the town of Churriana; a strategic location that keeps it close to the beautiful Costa del Sol. Specifically, it is only 5 kilometres north of Torremolinos.

Málaga – Costa del Sol Airport provides daily connections to 20 Spanish cities, and more than 100 in Europe. Are you planning to travel to Africa, Asia or North America? You can fly directly to cities on all three continents from Malaga.

In this guide you have the necessary information so that you can plan your trips with all the details. In addition to seeing the available flights, we show you the distribution of the entire airport, as well as the detail of the parking lots inside and outside the airport.

We also offer you all the transport connections available from the airport itself, by taxi, by train and by bus. And if you have any doubts about how to prepare your luggage, or what documentation you should bring, you will also find these practical tips in this guide.

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