The importance of

Pre-Flight Simulation

If our SIMLAB by One Air has more than 20 aircraft simulators, it is not by chance. Each of the training stages until you become a commercial pilot requires specific preparation, which is why we have a simulator specifically for the requirements of each phase.

In addition, it is essential that the flight simulators are replicas of the aircraft that you will subsequently pilot. Is there anything better than learning with the same avionics, controls and procedures that you will find on the plane?

In the video below, you will learn a little more about our Diamond DA20-C1 analogue simulator: the ideal device to start familiarising yourself with the air environment and, of course, it is a replica of our Diamonds DA20-C1. Enjoy!

And if you want more, we recommend our post on how to do the pre-flight check of the Diamond DA20-C1; the perfect single-engine plane for pilot training because of its large wing area and exceptional glide performance.