Students and instructors tell us about the training.


What does PBN training consist of?

We have a new section on our Youtube channel!

We want you to know what day-to-day life is like at our pilot school: how the classes are carried out, what the courses consist of, or what the students think about us.

And, for this, we have created a new series of short videos in which both students and instructors will tell us their impressions about the training, so let’s go with the first one!

We start with the PBN course, or Performance Based Navigation, which is an additional complement to the Instrument Rating (IR) and a mandatory requirement since 2020.

At One Air, we perform PBN training in our certified simulators FNPT II Alsim AL42 (replica of our Diamond DA42 aircraft) and FNPT II Alsim ALX (A320/MEP/SEP).

Below, you’ll meet Juan Vélez, instructor, and Emilio López, student at One Air, who will tell you exactly what the PBN course consists of and why it is so important for commercial pilot training. Enjoy!