• An amazing place to enjoy your passion for aviation!

City of Malaga

A dream place to become a pilot

In this new video, you will discover why Malaga is the best place to do your commercial pilot course. The strategic location of your flight school will enable you to find the perfect balance between your studies and your free time.

Moreover, living in Malaga, offers you the best connectivity in your displacements, since it is the best communicated Andalusian city, by air, land and sea.

As you can see in the graph, of the entire Airline Pilot Programme that you will carry out at One Air, 85% of the training is made up of the theoretical classes, simulator sessions, advanced flight training and suplemental courses. Everything takes place in the city of Malaga, between the International Airport and the main facilities of the school, whose connections are just 5 minutes.

The remaining 15%, made up of the initial flight phase and time building, is carried out with departure from the Velez-Malaga aerodrome, only 40 minutes from the school, and which is daily connected with our private transport service, exclusively for our students.

During your free time, you will be able to enjoy all the resources and possibilities that Malaga and its surroundings have to offer, guaranteeing a unique educational experience and a better performance in your studies.

In addition, the 5* superior accommodation available for our students, is just 5 minutes away from our main base. With a full range of comforts and services in its more than 10,000 m2, it is probably the most exclusive residence in Andalusia and one of the best in Spain.

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