New PBN Course at One Air

Performance Based Navigation

Did you know that PBN (Performance Based Navigation) is a prerequisite for all Instrument Ratings (IR) from 2020?

Advances in the available aviation technology, together with the search for efficiency, have brought about a new standard in navigation known as PBN or Performance Based Navigation.

In 2019, along with our APS MCC course, we obtained official authorisation to teach the PBN course that permits flying under this new standard.

This system is more versatile than the old one, which is based on fixed stations such as VOR, DME or NDB; as it uses GNSS satellite navigation systems.

Our simulators have separate certifications for teaching the PBN courses in four classes of aircraft (SEP Complex, MEP Complex, MEP DA42 and Medium Jet Airbus A320).

Thereby, we cover all the aircraft categories that the pilot requires, guaranteeing the complete availability of simulation facilities, as well as trained instructors and examiners.

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