Airline Pilot Standards
Multi Crew Cooperation

One Air E-ATO 190, since 2019 has been authorised and teaching the new Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Cooperation, known as the APS MCC course.

This course is the new airline oriented standard, that prepares the pilot to fly Multi Crew commercial JET aircraft. In addition, it is taught by instructors who are working as airline pilots, with extensive experience in the aeronautical sector.

You will do the course in the same type of aircraft, Medium JET Airbus A320, the aircraft most used by airlines for their selection tests. Our Alsim ALX simulator is designed and certified to be used to the APS MCC course and our school and instructors have the corresponding certification to impart the training.

The APS MCC course is one of the last steps as a student pilot, which provides the knowledge and skills to launch you to your first job in airlines.