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Xiaomi MI Drone, a High-End drone with unbeatable price


The new Xiaomi Mi Drone is designed to offer you maximum comfort in assembly, disassembly and transport and a battery with greater autonomy. It is a drone with 27 minutes flight approximately. A quality price drone that we believe has a good market share.

It is one of the launches of the month in drones sector. The Xiaomi brand launches MI Drone, its new quadcopter. His new bet that has four propellers and a camera, similar to DJI Phantom 4 and even in white. If you like drones, you should not lose sight of this!

Although the design is not too original, it is also based on an insect that tries to emulate, the dragonflies. MI Drone has four axes for each once the four helices that allow raising a great height and the module of the camera in the base.

MI Drone Xiaomi: 27 minutes of non-stop fun

xiaomi mi drone battery infography

The new Xiaomi drone incorporates a 5,100 mAh battery, which allows a higher autonomy. It is a drone with 27 minutes of battery life approximately. The flight time is similar to that of the drone DJI Phantom 4, of which, the manufacturer says it can hold up to 28 minutes in flight.

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MI Drone Xiaomi Controller

Xiaomi launches the MI Drone, which can also be remotely controlled and easy to use, even by drone beginners. Although we always advise aiming for a drones course to master the technique, either as a pastime or as a professional way.

xiaomi mi drone detail of rc controller with smartphones holder

The buttons of the MI Drone of Xiaomi allow placing the smartphone in a holder at the top. In this way, we can see what captures the camera when the drone flies and also, as an assistant to the own control of the drone.

MI Drone Camera with Sony Sensor

The camera of MI Drone goes further and incorporates a high quality Sony sensor of 12 megapixels that you can find in two versions: on the one hand, one that records at 1080p and another that records in 4K (3840 x 2160) and captures images in RAW format.

Xiaomi wants MI Drone to be easy to use and transport, also to assemble and disassemble to make it as comfortable as possible. You can carry the MI Drone in your backpack and take it with you in all your trips.

Besides, MI Drone has a system that prevents colliding with other elements and stops if it reaches a restricted area; this is thanks to its PCB antenna.

Xiaomi MI Drone price from € 340

The Xiaomi Mi Drone includes the latest technologies as its system that prevents it from colliding with obstacles and has a function to prevent it from entering a specific restricted area. Reach about 3 kilometres, incorporating an advanced PCB antenna. It also has a return button to the starting point.

Xiaomi Mi Drone has a starting price of about € 340, incorporating a Sony camera with 1080p resolution. For about € 410 we have a Sony camera with 4K recording. We are excited to see the firsts tests and have the opportunity to buy it. Does anyone give more for that price?

The Xiaomi Mi Drone has an unbeatable price; it’s a good product with an optimal price. Although DJI has put the batteries and has released the new Spark drone with small dimensions and for € 599, it does not reach the price of drones like the Xiaomi with certain construction quality and components.

xiaomi mi drone propeller detail

Beyond MI Drone: Other Xiaomi drones

In addition to the Xiaomi MI Drone or the MI Drone 4k version (drone with 4k camera and GPS / Glonass), you have other exciting rc quadcopters. Not only in terms of the price of the Xiaomi drone but also in use you want to give it and even the public that can use it. Did you know that there is a Xiaomi drone designed for children?

We want to keep you informed of upcoming releases of Xiaomi; but, meanwhile, here you have the best Xiaomi drones of 2019. So you can start enjoying the one you like the most.

Xiaomi Youpin Idol Drone

We are facing the first folding Xiaomi drone. No doubt a quadcopter that will give much to talk thanks to its originality and that exclusive design it has; It does not bear any resemblance to any other drone you can see in the market.

Built entirely with PVC materials, the most innovative of this release of Xiaomi is that it is straightforward to take it with you thanks to its ability to fold. This RPAS has four magnetic pads that hold the arms in place while the small aircraft folds.

Composed of 4 helices that rotate through a brushless motor, the Xiaomi Youpin Idol Drone is a guarantee of stability while on the ground.

With a built-in memory of 8Gb, its tiltable camera from 90 to 30 degrees and the battery pack of 1800 mAh, we can assure you that this great big drone is inside the high-end Xiaomi.

Something we love about Youpin Idol is its gesture recognition system. A movement as simple as extending the palm serves to land, or something as characteristic as placing your index finger and heart in a V shape is enough to immortalize the moment with a unique photo for the memory.

The price of Youpin Idol Drone on Aliexpress is € 126,65.

  • xiaomi youpin idol drone in black colour with red details

Xiaomi MITU Mini Drone

The MITU mini is the drone of Xiaomi that occupies a space not very superior to the palm; in fact, it can take off from your hand. All its casing is made of modified PP plastic, and the four propellers are made of fibreglass.

Despite its small size, it has earned a decent position among the drones of Xiaomi thanks to the equipment so complete it has. It has a 4-core processor that operates at a speed of 1.2 GHz.

All the sensors that the MITU mini brings its data in the processor, thus allowing the maximum level of stability in addition to a fixed point of flight, and the best precision at the time of landing.

  • xiaomi mitu mini drone white and orange in a hand

This new drone Xiaomi was released in 2018, and at the beginning, it was thought to be for children. However, many adults also take a good match.

One of the most striking features of this great little discovery is the infrared battle function. You can connect several quadcopters through infrared to enjoy endless battles with your friends.

If you want to buy this Xiaomi drone, you have it available on Aliexpress for € 55.18.

  • xiaomi fimi a3 drone in white colour with grey background

Xiaomi Fimi A3 Drone

We are facing another of the Xiaomi drones that combines high-end features with a fascinating price.

The Fimi A3 Drone has an elegant white design reminiscent of the Mi Xiaomi drone. You will enjoy an intense third-generation flight experience thanks to its Cortex M7 processor.

Also, it incorporates a 3-axis stabilizer Gimbal that helps you to capture the best HD images and videos in your fly zone, something that this aircraft can do easily due to the embedded Ambarella ISP processor.

The four 7.5-inch propellers each next to the drone’s frame made of PVC, make the flights so light that you only notice its size in the quality of photos and videos captures by its 8-megapixel camera and a resolution of 3264×2448.

This quadcopter is also a folding Xiaomi drone. Carry it with you safely and comfortably in your travel backpack.

Undoubtedly, the most striking thing about the Fimi A3 is its remote control. With a 4.3-inch LCD screen and a 480×272 pixels resolution, you can experience very intense sensations.

  • xiaomi fimi a3 drone rc controller details

You can find the Xiaomi Fimi A3 Drone on Aliexpress for an amount of €262.02



GIMBAL3-axis Stabilizer3-axis Stabilizer
CAMERA4K UHDHD 1080p 30fps720pHD 1080p 30fps
FPV5 GHzWi-FiWi-Fi 2,5 GHzWi-Fi 5,8 GHz
WEIGHT670 gr360 gr88 gr560 gr
DIMENSIONS38 x 45.5 x 17 cm22.6 x 26.8 x 4.3 cm9.1 x 9.1 x 3.8 cm28.5 x 22.2 x 6.9 cm
MAX RANGE2.000 m50 m50 m1.000 m
MAX HEIGHT500 m25 m25 m500 m
FLIGHT TIME27 minutes10 minutes10 minutes25 minutes
BATTERY5100 mAh1800 mAh920 mAh2000 mAh
CONTROLLERSmartphone holderRC Controller / Smartphones AppSmartphones AppRC Controller with LCD 4.3”

XIAOMI Drones, driving growth of the sector

Xiaomi knows perfectly that the growth of the number of drones will reach in 2020 the 4.7 million units. One of the most respected organizations in the world in terms of aviation, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States, together with the international company Allianz Global, have provided essential data on the near future of drones. That numbers highlight the importance of studying a drone pilot course and successfully pass the official certification to work with them.

According to forecasts, from 2017 to 2020, the sale of drones will triple for all areas, both work and leisure. It is reaching up to 4.7 million drones. This fact will make the price of drones more competitive and attractive to everyone. For insurers, this will mean a total of 1,000 million billing in the next decade.

xiaomi drone in flight

The business environment will grow to 2,000 million dollars from the current 127,000 million thanks to constant drops in drones prices, maximum popularity and better applications of productivity areas in companies.

Drone prices can go between € 100 and € 400 but already useful for companies. The most encouraging forecasts: where it is calculated will sell 90 million drones worldwide in 2025. The report made public by the company GfK.

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