The FAA launches BEYOND Programme

A step further to integrating the UAS´ to Aerospace

Following the successful completion of the Integration Pilot Programme of UAS´ in American aerospace in October, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) have announced its launch of BEYOND, a new initiative to continue the same.

In the words of Michael Krastsios, U.S Chief of Technology, the IPP has impulsed the American drone industry in the last three years and has experienced an unprecedented growth with great public-private alliances throughout the country.

In fact, from this side of the pond, we’ve witnessed how the US have implemented drones for delivery, transport of merchandise, electrical installation inspections or to respond to emergencies while Europe have just had a glimpse of the UTM creation with U-Space.

Would you like to know what the BEYOND programme is and what to expect? We’ll explain below.

What is the FAA’s BEYOND Programme?

According to the FAA, the BEYOND programme’s objective is to accept the pending challenges of UAS´ which the IPP programme hadn’t integrated in Airspace. Specifically, the BEYOND programme will concentrate on:

  1. BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) operations, to be repeatable, scaleable and economically viable with a special emphasis on the inspection of infrastructures, public operations and the delivery of small packages.
  2. Leverage industrial operations to analyse and quantify social and economic benefits of UAS.
  3. Focus its efforts on community participation to collect, analyse and address the needs of the population as far as UAS.

It appears that the FAA could be preparing to unfold new rules which could significantly relax restrictions of currently prohibited operations, such as night flights, flying over groups of people and BVLOS flights.

Its expected 1 and 2 will be tackled with new amendments proposed last year and that the third will be regulated with the new BEYOND programme.

Why is it called BEYOND?

The name of this new programme from the FAA gives priority of the Authority on the BVLOS flights. All types of operations with Drones currently prohibited by the US Drone Law, on BVLOS flights are the only prioritised subjects of this new programme.

This has surprised the sector in the US and in Europe as these types of flight are prohibited in the majority of States in the EU, so, it certainly appears there will be some important changes of the rules in the future.

What do you think about this new BEYOND Programme by the FAA?

At One Air, we are on top of all the news and changes happening in the sector; specially in the American market as a way to see the close future in Europe related to new drone regulations.

And, although we know that changes take time to come, we are happy to see that the authorities and the States are moving to ensure a place for UAS in the airspace.

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