A virtual tour through our new SIMLAB

If you have already taken the 360º Virtual Tour through the school, you can’t miss the extension of the new SIMLAB by OneAir.

You will be able to almost touch all the new commercial simulators, such as the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-800; or the general aviation simulators, such as the Diamond DA20-C1 simulators, the Cirrus SR22 Perspective G1000 simulator or the Cirrus SR20 Avidyne Entegra simulator.

Another novelty, which you can see in our virtual tour, is the new Full Motion VR simulators. You will find them together with our specific simulator for crosswind Full Motion Redbird Xwind. You will love them!

And, of course, you can take again the virtual tour of the classrooms, the library or the Student Crew Lounge, where we have located some of our touch-screen simulators. Or what about visiting our FNPT II Alsim ALX and FNPT II Alsim AL42 simulators.

Also, if drones are your thing, you should explore the Drone Tech Lab, our R&D department, where our spectacular fleet of UAS is waiting for you.

Don’t miss it!