SIMLAB by OneAir

Exclusive video of our Boeing 737-800 Simulator

Following the line of videos in which we have been unveiling small brushstrokes of the new SIMLAB by One Air, and if you have already seen the Airbus A320 video, you cannot miss the one we bring you today. Of the 20 simulators that make up our simulation centre, the Boeing 737-800 NG EASA FTD Compliant is one of the favourites.

In this new video, you will be able to see this faithful replica of the B737’s cockpit, with real functions and configurations of Boeing’s most widely sold aircraft.

With the extraordinarily realistic cockpit and 100% real hardware, Force Feedback control for the commander and the first officer, and breakers panels for QHR procedures, our simulator B737-800 is a delight for our students and instructors.

But no more time to waste! We hope you enjoy this video we have prepared for you and remember, if you’d like to see more, call us to make an appointment to see it in person. You’re gonna love it!