New Transportation Network in One Air

Exclusively for our students.

In Grupo One Air we are celebrating, and that is that, in this coming year, we spend a decade training pilots, flight attendants and drone pilots.

During these ten years, we have strived to remain at the forefront of a booming industry. We have worked daily to offer a new training model, betting on quality, new technologies, and differentiating ourselves from the rest in everything we do.

And we want to continue to do so. Therefore, and on the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we have implemented a new and improved private transport network for our students, between our main facilities, the Aerodrome of Velez-Malaga and Malaga International Airport.


Of all the Airline Pilot Programme, 85% of our students’ training consists of theory, simulation, advanced flight phase and complementary courses. All this is done in Malaga, between the International Airport and our main base, with transfers of no more than 10 minutes.

The remaining 15%, consisting of the initial flight phase and time building, is made with departure from the Aerodrome of Velez-Malaga, located at 40′ of our facilities and is connected daily with our private transport for our students.

In total, approximately 60 displacements are necessary during all the training for the accomplishment of the specific hours of flight in the initial phase and time building.

Vehicles adapted to our students needs.

Our mobility fleet consists of two minibuses, an executive van and other vehicles that daily connect Malaga International Airport, our main facilities, the accommodation of our students and the Aerodrome of Velez-Malaga.


Our strategic location, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, helps our students to have an optimal balance between studies and personal life.

Malaga is a city rich in culture, a regular venue for various sporting events, with a wide range of leisure and restaurant options, as well as being well connected to most European capitals.

The possibility of enjoying a complete training experience under a spectacular climate guarantees an excellent use of the whole educational period and a memorable stay for our students.

With this new transport network, we are sure that our students will enjoy an unparalleled experience and take full advantage of their stay with us.