• Soon we will fly again!


Measures due to COVID-19

Flight Training Center

1. Disinfection is being carried out in all our facilities (by nebulisation), all walls and floors by a specialised and authorised company.

2. All our facilities (job positions and classrooms) are being disinfected individually, including aircraft, simulators, common areas with means authorised by the Ministry of Health.

3. Our own aircraft maintenance center (One Air Tech) is fine-tuning each aircraft. ALL of our fleet will be available when AESA authorises the flight operation.

4. A specialised and specific guide has been prepared in full detail in Spanish and English. The guide has been carried out in accordance with the recommendations of experts in health and prevention in relation to COVID 19. In the guide we can see: dates, procedures, protocols, measures already taken and to be taken, available means, trips, general rules, recommendations etc.

The guide will be sent electronically by the direct means available to the organisation with students and workers. The guide mainly includes:

  • ✓ All organisational measures regarding COVID-19.
  • Hygiene measures in the organisation regarding COVID-19.
  • ✓ COVID-19 prevention procedure for our students.
  • ✓ COVID-19 prevention procedure for our workers.

Soon we will fly again!

Pilot School
E-ATO 190