Discover our school in a very special way

We take by the hand into the heart of One Air.

Everything begins with a dream and sometimes dreams come true.
My dream went beyond flying and today it’s a reality.

After weeks of work, coordination and all the team involved, we can finally show you One Air as you’ve never seen it before. Let us show you the heart of the school, all the machinery at work to give you the best training experience possible.

We know that technology plays a crucial role in training and for this reason, we always invest in the latest in advanced simulation and the most modern and powerful aircraft. But we are also aware that, in order to offer unique teaching, there are fundamental elements that enrich and provide invaluable added value; and that is what we want to show you in this video.

At One Air, we are not satisfied with just flying; we want you to conquer the sky with us. So make yourself comfortable, fasten your seatbelts and… We’re now taking off!

Pilot Training Center
E-ATO 190