Discover the largest Diamond and Cirrus fleet in Spain

An aircraft for every phase of training

At One Air we have nineteen of the latest generation aircraft that make up the most modern fleet of aircraft in Andalusia and probably in Spain. This condition allows us to offer our students aeroplanes with exceptional characteristics for each stage of training.

Diamond DA20 is the ideal aircraft to start your training. Its modern high-performance carbon-fibre airframe provides students with predictable flight characteristics, and its high-visibility bubble canopy allows excellent situational awareness.

The Diamond Da40 shares the exceptional flying characteristics of the DA20, but it’s a larger and more powerful aircraft. The Da40 is fully qualified for instrument flight, featuring a complete Glass Cockpit with Garmin 1000 avionics.

Cirrus SR20 is a powerful high-performance aircraft. The exceptional cruising speed of the SR20, allows you to expand your horizons and cover great distances with ease. The SR20 is equipped with a full Glass Cockpit and the famous Cirrus CAPS airframe parachute system.

The twin-engine Diamond DA42 represents the pinnacle of commercial pilot training. With advanced Garmin 1000 avionics, FADEC digital engine controls and many other features, as well as Diamond’s characteristic performance and refinement; the DA42 is the best equipped aircraft for taking on the challenges of multi-engine instrument flying.

In the next video, you’ll be able to see our fleet in detail. Don’t miss it!

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