Drone Legislation

When we talk about drone legislation, and with the rapid growth of the sector, it becomes especially necessary to create a well-defined legal framework, which takes into account all possible scenarios when flying a drone of any kind.

The current situation of misinformation is caused by the rapid evolution of technology, which is constantly changing, making it very difficult to draw up drone legislation at the pace at which it is progressing. Thus, when the law reaches the market, it innovates again, making the regulations immediately obsolete.

Fortunately, governments and various airspace safety agencies are working hard to support an industry that is growing exponentially. So we are beginning to see a multitude of measures that aim to guide drone users to use airspace safely.

As a drone pilot school, we are aware of our duty to inform; therefore, here you will find everything related to drone legislation, both Spanish and European.

We echo the news coming from AESA, EASA and the FAA, so that you, as a user, always have accurate information at your fingertips.

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