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Although, as a rule, commercial aviation in Ukraine has never had problems to overflight the European airspace, agreements with the European Union have caused an increase in new routes in different parts of the continent, also in Spain. Ukraine is also confirmed as a destination to be taken into account for future pilots taking aircraft pilot courses in Spain.

In 2014, after the conflicts between Ukraine and Russia, which largely continue nowadays, this northeastern Europe country moved closer to the continent and especially to the European Union (EU) with the signing of an Agreement of the Association between Ukraine and the European Union, by which a political partnership between the two sides was established. Its aim was to accelerate the political and economic relations between the parties and the gradual integration of Ukraine into the internal market of the European Union. This fact, as expected, is also affecting the commercial aviation in Ukraine as well as the relationship of both parties in this regard. Ukrainian commercial aviation opens up to European airspace and establishes itself as a booming destination for decades to come, and this also applies to current and future pilots.


Ukraine is gradually increasing its commercial flights to different destinations in the European Union, although its flights still remain somewhat discreet in terms of frequency. We have one last case in the recently opened route between Ukraine and Spain, in the route between Valencia and Ivano Frankivisk, offered by Ukraine Airlines. Available from this summer, it has a frequency of two weekly flights on Mondays and Fridays from next July 18th. Ukrainian commercial aviation opens up to European airspace using a Boeing 737-800 this time, an aircraft which seats 160 passengers. With this new connection to Ukraine, Valencia Airport´s international links have also been extended. During the summer of 2016, it already connects 69 destinations, 16 of which are national destinations and 53 international ones.


The 737-800 was launched by Hapag-Lloyd Flug in 1994 and entered service in 1998. The 737-800 seats 162 passengers in a two-class configuration or 189 in a single-class one, and competes with the A320. Its consumption and noise emission is reduced thanks to its winglets (wingtip fins) that significantly reduce fuel consumption. It consists of a modern computerized technology and GPS remote control system. If you want to be a commercial aircraft pilot and fly one of these planes, take our aircraft pilot course in Spain, Málaga. One Air Aviation is a Training Center authorized by AESA – EASA.


Increase of flights

After taking an Aircraft pilot courses in Spain the goal is training for this new professionals to get ready for the growing demand in the sector, both currently and in the coming decades, due to the increase of flights. The Scandinavian countries are among the new regions that will require new aircraft pilots. Norwegian airlines need aircraft pilots, which imply a commitment to employment in this cold region of the world.

The Scandinavian countries has established themselves as one of the areas with better economic prospects due to its buoyant economic situation after sorting out the ups and downs of the economic crisis. This area is also one of the most touristic ones, especially chosen by Europeans and Americans. This has caused the increase in air traffic and the consequent demand of new pilots. Taking an aircraft pilot course in Spain – Málaga means that you will be able to bet on this area of the world as a region to take into account to obtain a job as an aircraft pilot after your training.

Norwegian beat passenger record in its history with a growth of 9%

Norway is one of the most demanded areas for most Europeans. It is a country of great natural beauty, different from that which can be found in central and southern Europe and also in other countries of the North of the continent as the United Kingdom, Ireland or Netherlands. Its great commercial success and the increase in air traffic is due to this fact. Data prove it. During last July, Norwegian, one of the most important airlines, beat passenger record in its history with a growth of 9%. The occupation of the flights reached 94.6%

NORWEGIAN will own 21 new aircraft before the end of the year

This fact shows the good health of the sector in the Nordic countries, as well as the need of hiring new aircraft pilots, which implies a clear bet for the future in this area of the world. Norwegian is also considered as one of the most respected European Airlines, with excellent working conditions for its workers. These facts make many pilots try to get a job there. One more thing to add: Norwegian will own 21 new aircraft before the end of the year